Here I Am – There You Are

It’s the month of July and it’s been way too long since I’ve sat down to write and think. I’ll be honest with you and myself though – I mostly avoided stopping to write because it meant that I would have to face the reality of my constant shifting and changing life. It also meant that I would have to process though and breathe out the stories of the unconventional events that have happened in this past year.

Last July was so different from this one and too much has changed – some good and some bad. It’s hard to find a place to begin, but I know that one day I’ll want to look back at these words and remember the sweet twisted journey that I’m currently in the middle of. (Because your girl has a really bad memory haha)

Last November I left the church that I had been working at for the past year and a half. As much as I expected the transition to be painful it was mostly good and peaceful. I knew that my spiritual well was starting to run dry and my questions had led me to grow more impatient. The truth is that I was slowly slipping away from God, and was in no place to be leading a kids ministry. So my passion faded and the transition was best for for the ministry and for myself.

Now I’ve always been a cryer, but that peace that I mentioned before totally kept me in tact. I was ready for something new and different. After leaving the church I went home for a couple weeks, went on a cruise, and then returned to Mesquite and began to apply to loads of odd jobs. I ended up landing a kind paying one in North Dallas, and this is where I am now. Who knew I’d end up working for a banking system and meeting a handful of amazing people that I am sure will be my closest friends for life. Through that transition I’ve gained way more than I’ve lost.

Tonight I sit at my favorite coffeeshop with a sweet pup napping under my chair, a dear friend to my right, and I could not be bothered.

Although life has not been perfect I am sure that things will always work themselves out and I am sure a way will always be made.

I look forward to sharing more again because it’s good for the heart to speak of the things that are happening in life. I look forward to sharing stories of adventures i’ve been on in this past year, and sharing about the adventures that are yet to come.

As always, whoever you may be – I hope you are so well!

Let’s talk again soon.


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