Rising Sun

I play it off really well. We all do.

My hair is growing. It’s a couple inches past my shoulders. I encourage it daily to keep chuckin’ forward, or should I say downward? Yes, downward.

When I drive my windows are almost always down. Now that the summer is here I fear that this might have to change because the heat demands to be noticed in the most negative way.

Justin Vernon has been coming out of my speakers. Praise the Lord for Justin Vernon. Takes me to the mountains when I have none around me. Thing is, he smashes it in Bon Iver, but absolutely kills it on his own. Start with The Orient. And the Gatsby’s Slew of Choices.

I’m home for the weekend. Which should be great, but this place isn’t my own anymore. The time goes by dreadfully slow. I know that happiness to the fullest isn’t something I can find here. So it’s a day at a time that I take it. Monday will be here soon, and everything works out in the end.

For now I hold on to what is full of goodness in my life. Let that guide my way back up north.


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