new york, new york / 1am thoughts / mmm, bacon.

This day last year I returned home from my first trip out of Texas. The time was a really funny one because I almost couldn’t make out my feelings for most of the trip. I was there with the bestest of friends, doing all the things I thought I would have only ever done in dreams. / I sound like a 6 year old who was invited to disneyland or something of sorts, but it really was that magical.

It was the funkiest trip ever. I laughed too much, and my eyes were held wide for about 93% of the time, and there was even a couple of fights.

The buildings were enough to stir up something within me though.

Just now I was looking though a gift bag full of all of the receipts, maps, brochures, and tickets I collected from that trip to NYC. I wish I could do it again – Actually, I’m sure I will soon.

I am so thankful for the friendships I have in my life, and the friendships I used to have.

Waffles and duck bacon are darn freakin’ good, but they’re best shared with good company.


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