HermIT HeRmit

In hopes that you’ve played sims before I will now try to explain how I have become a sim in the past week.

Do you know how when you purchase new furniture or items and place them in your sims home they get like ridiculously excited or creative? That has been me this past few days. This mini room/apartment of mine has now gotten a grand addition of a little eating table with two comfy chairs. I have also boughten a food holder shelf & the cutest stinkin’ fruit bowl for the table this week. I am so in love with my home right now that I don’t want to leave it.

A hermit is what I have become, which I am quite good at becoming and don’t even mind. I have been hanging out with myself these past couple of days just reading, writing a whole lot, thinking even more than writing, and watching scream queens (you can blame my sister for this one). I also have been drinking a lot of water because I guess being home does that & I am pretty proud of it.

At the beginning of this year I set the goal to read through the entire bible, and I’ve been doing well through Genesis so far. I feel as if though there is loads I missed the first 1000000 times I’ve read it in the past.

Life is great, y’all. I’m diggin’ it right now.

Cheers to that & a see ya later from this hermit! I hope you’re doing well, and I’ll talk to you soon!



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