Feel it All

Yesterday, like most days, happiness was the main feeling. But then all of a sudden sadness and anger came about.

Whenever those two show up in my life I find myself telling my inner feels to cool down, chill out, and disappear.

“You shouldn’t feel that way. All is well. Move along.”

As a person I would say that I can be a bit more on the sensitive side. So my emotions are huge and heavy most days. I fall back on them, and over process it all.


My thoughts went from, “don’t feel” to “feel it all!”

If I’m going to be upset I might as well do it one hundred percent, and if I’m going to be happy, you best believe that I’m going to tear through some fields to express it. Laugh like freaking hell, and cry like a child if you need to.

Why cap it ever? Do it all and don’t hold any of those unique feelings in.

Death is too close to miss out on living.


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