Life Update? / Heart Words

Sometimes it’s pretty unclear why things happen the way that they do, and sometimes it’s clearer than clear.

As of late my life has consisted of things too great to imagine. Just kidding. It’s all pretty normal really; it would seem to most, but to me it’s sorts that I thought I could only once dream of.

It is now September, and licks of fall have been popping up in my life. I remember last fall feeling such a heavy sadness over my life. Fall has always been my favorite season, mostly because it turns me into the most loveliest version of myself. Fall makes me want to dance, love everyone, look great, and just be freaking happy. Last fall I felt bitter at the world for dealing me a less than perfect set of cards, but NOT THIS YEAR MY FRIENDS.

I wake up everyday most excited about what is to play itself out. Just a week ago I purchased a new pumpkin spice melty scent, and I have been forcing myself not to use it because I know that I must be patient for fall to come, and it’s still freaking hot outside.

This past month has been my favorite one out of this entire year. I have moved, met a bunch of new faces, grown up a bit, and I am doing what I love every day. Truthfully, life is satisfying. I love it.

For example… Today I woke up after noon, got dressed, did a whole lot of homework at my favorite coffeeshop in Dallas (got given a large dirty chai for free! YASS), went out to dinner with a great friend, shopped for necessities, came home and caught up with my favorite tv shows at the moment – which is what I am still kind of doing, and I will sleep happily after this and wake up tomorrow earlier than ever to head to work at the church and join the most incredible team.

In prayer I find myself often times just sitting happily with the Lord. It’s hard to put into words, but I am just so happy with where I am at right now. For the first time in a long time I feel like I am exactly where God wants me to be and I wouldn’t change a single  thing.


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