2000 students surrounding each of us on one campus, and I held close relationships with just about a handful of them. As I walked the streets of New York City I became more aware of how big this world is, and how small I am in comparison. My story is just in a sense a small speckle of sand hanging out by an enormous ocean. It was then that I realized a bit of my worth. Even as insignificant as I felt in this big world; there are still people that want to hear my story, that care about how I am feeling, and that want to be close to me.

Everyone has a story to tell, and it is those stories that shape us. I suppose in the wrap of realizing how much my little stories grew me into the person that I am today. I wondered how many stories I was missing out on.

Humans of Sagu was something I dreamt of after exploring Humans of New York. The idea at first was something that I thought would be the coolest – if someone else took it on. That’s when I knew I had to do it. After all I have always been the kind of person that faces fearful ideas. “If it scares you then you need to do it,” has become a repetitive motto over my life. Through Humans of Sagu I was able to get to know small bits of familiar faces that I saw around each day. At first I was terrified that the whole idea would be rejected immediately, but it was encouraging to see how quickly people are willing to open up, even with the deepest of things they are holding on to, when you just ask.

Southwestern has been so good to me. The university holds so many bittersweet moments. I truly believe I lived out some of my worst times there, and experienced moments that I will hold on to as my best. Departing now I feel honored to have been able to hear the stories people shared with me. Vunerablility is one characteristic that I admire so, to be vulnerable with all and tear down the walls that my heart naturally wants to build up is a constant goal set over my life. The encouragement received while doing this project was more than I ever hoped for, and I am refusing to let it die down. It will continue, God willing.

My hope is that people would read the small bits of stories that belong to the strangers who live around them, and that they would become intrigued, and want seek out others. It is in each of our hands to love and pursue people, and I would hope this account would be a bit of encouragement towards doing that more naturally.

Through humans of Sagu I hope our small community of students would feel free to shed the thick layer of fear and rejection that comes with growing up. That openness wouldn’t be rejected, but that it would be celebrated.

I am beyond thankful for each person that supported me through this. You have truly held my hand as God was shaping me, and I am blessed beyond belief to have each of you in my life. I love you dearly.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my heart by reading this! Until next, stay well! 🙂


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