The Bookshelf – Christmas Letters

There is this bookshelf that stands in the small corner of my room. I haven’t touched anything on it for the past year and a half, maybe longer. I did for the first time tonight.

There was one Christmas when my mother was in the spirit of selflessness, as she always is, but this one particular year she spoke to my sister and I about not gifting each other, but only writing one another letters. She said the best gift she had ever received was us, and all she wanted that Christmas was to be reminded of the love that we each held for each other.

Mind you, it sounds like the absolute sweetest idea ever. Except I was in my teen years when all of this occurred, and I was still quite the materialistic. My sister and I were bummed to say the least, but we found it in ourselves to humble our hearts and do the deal.

Christmas morning came around, and I remember it being the first Christmas that I didn’t wake up early for. After all it was only a letter that would be waiting for me under the tree. And that was all that I found. Siting between the limbs of this beautifully decorated tree was an envelope that was a addressed to me. “To: Jenna Merry Christmas!!!” (with three exclamation points).

I have now rediscovered this letter on this bookshelf tonight. As I am writing this I have not yet read it, but I will now.

I don’t know where to begin with this flood of emotions I am experiencing now.

I don’t write about my mother much on here, but she truly is the sweetest woman in the world. God has put my heart through so much, and he put hers through even more. She says she wouldn’t be here with out me, but truthfully I wouldn’t without her.

She is a surviver, and because of her I have grown this strong heart of victory and positivity.

I am prospering daily, and it is because she encouraged me always.

Gosh, I love her so.

“May God guide you and keep you safe forever”


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