Love So Deep

“Appreciate the seasons you go through, Jenna.”

It was only a day ago that I woke up with the fuzziest feeling within my insides. Like dancing warm flakes of whimsical love.

Have you ever been in love?

I have been in the most deepest of love for the past handful of years. I fell out of love at points, and deeper into it all at other points. I am deep in it now.

The kind of deep that wakes you up at 3 in the morning with feelings of the most comforted love.

Projects and problems have been coming in and out of my life more frequently recently as well, but they don’t matter at all.

Because I am so loved, and so in love.

I never realized how lovely a full day spent with Christ could be. Much less a week, or lifetime. Yet here I am. Walking with him through this rushed life. Taking seconds to sit, close my eyes, and reboot the joy that resonates deep in my heart.

It’s always been there, just as He has been.

My only hope is that these feelings would stay. My only cry is that I would continue to know God more and more. To love deeper.


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