Tummy Bug in my Tummy

Sometimes you find yourself sitting and crying by a pharmacy on a bench inside of Walmart at midnight.

I don’t often get sick anymore. There was a small time in my life when my immune system decided to go ape and fail a bit. That would have been about three years ago. I would get sick almost weekly, but since then my insides have proven themselves to be much stronger.

I also have never had a tummy bug; until now.

Last night I found myself with a few friends at Walmart purchasing necessities. I was doing alright while shopping, then we reached the medicine isle, and my tummy punched my insides. I had to find a seat so I ended up on a bench by the pharmacy. One of my friends proceeded to read through different medicines and found one she thought would work for my sickness.

I was then convinced I should just take the medicine right there on the bench because I was gonna purchase it anyways…

Opening the box I held the deep red toned bottle in my hand and a flood of memories and emotions just hit me like rocks.

When I was younger and sick my mother would take the day with me to go to the doctors office, feed me well, and make sure I took my medicine – which always came in a deep red tone bottle. Cherry flavor never worked for me, and I would often cry for grace to not have to take the two teaspoons every four hours.

As I sat in this Walmart I wished for my mother, and began to ugly cry with the thought of not having her around to take care of me and force me to drink the deep red medicine.

This is my semi-adultish life at 21.


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