Heart Eyes – Part Two

The human face is so complex, yet simply beautiful. The eyebrows connect to the eyes, the eyes to the nose and cheek bones, and the cheeks to the lips then chin.

I study faces as I do emotions sometimes.

There are days that I live through under a cloud of heavy curiosity.

It wasn’t until recently while people watching that this lovely couple caught my eye. I couldn’t see the woman’s expressions as they spoke but the man laughed loudly as his face flushed brighter with every passing minute.

As the conversation settled the girl began to speak as the man listened. I watched the way he watched her and the look of his eyes were filled with wild wonder. They were yearning to watch her lips move and to watch her every passing expression. His eyes could only be explained with two words: heart eyes.

He wore them so well, just as I am sure she did too.


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