Heart Eyes – Part One

There is a woman who lives next door to my parents back at home.

When I was younger she used to sit outside and draw or read on the patio that her husband built for her. Not much has changed since, and every time I visit home she’s still out there in the afternoon catching the last rays of the sun.

It was one wondrous afternoon that I found myself as a young girl approaching her while she sat on her patio. I peaked over her and started examining what she was drawing. It was something like nothing that I had ever seen before. She had with just a pencil and blank piece of white paper created the most beautiful drawing I had ever laid my eyes on.

Half of the drawing was the face of a man, and the face of a woman completed the other half. together they made a larger image, and completed each other. I asked her in awe to teach me how to draw and recreate the image on my own. I want to learn! I was so eager to be able to make the beautiful creation on my own.

So she taught me, and after what seemed like a million tries at the drawing, I got it! I was able to sketch out the two faces that made one.

After the happening I returned home to my mother and sent my energetic spirit her way. I showed her my drawing and declared that I would become better at creating it.

My mother proceeded to feed my passion, as she usually does, and bought me a simple drawing pad and fresh pencils the next day.

While showering last night I was thinking about heart eyes and this memory popped right into my thoughts. So I thought I would share it with you.

I ended that season of my life with a drawing pad full of pages of two faces completing each other.


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