Always There

Young me was so easily pleased and in love with the world. Nothing was missing in my heart, and no worries existed; even though they had all the right to.

The front yard of my home seemed to stretch far enough and wide enough for anything that my imagination could dream up to happen.

All was possible.

It was in that moment that I chose to run around on my own; be free.

I found lady bugs living in the trees and named each one of them calling them my friends.

The grasshoppers in the taller grass became my friend as well.

There was another very close friend there too though… As I looked up from kneeling on the ground there He stood in front of me.

He’s kneeling, dancing, running around, laughing, and playing with me.

Even though the world had dealt me a rough hand I did not worry or cry; I was not angry or bitter. I was safe.

Close your eyes and picture Jesus in front of you. He’s extending His hand and giving you something.

What is it?

He gave me this memory, and a couple more.

Now I am obsessed with shutting my eyes and taking myself into memories of the past. Even the hardest of memories.

I sit and I relive the feelings, and I speak truth over all the happenings in the situation. Then I stop, and I ask aloud, “Jesus, where were you?”

He’s there.

He always has been.


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