Pieces of Me

Today I sorted through old and new articles of clothing.

I plan on trying to sell the pieces I have gotten tired with, and donating the remaining.

As I sorted I was reminded of days that I spent in the different patterns. Some memories were great ones, and the reminder of them made me question if I was ready to move on and hand those memories to another person. Other memories were hard to get past, even if it all is in the past.

I began to think about the world that we live in; A world filled by different types of clothes.

All made by different materials, different patterns, different styles.

A world filled with different types of people. All raised in different places, holding different thoughts, and having individual personalities.

We grow out of the clothes that were once so new to us.

I am afraid to say that it could be the same with some people.

The problem is; I have the hardest time giving old clothes away.


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