Beach Daze

Suddenly I wonder if the beach has changed since I last payed it a visit.

I hope the ice cream parlor that I visit regularly for two scoops of rare coconut bluebell is still open. I hope they’ve missed me. There seems to be less and less people every time I have gone, and I hope they know I still think about them from time to time. I hope they know I am eager to visit soon and am eager to run into memories with the stones they’ve placed out on their front deck.

I wonder how the seagulls are doing this year. It has been a much colder one and I hope they have each with their own similar yelps found a warm place to lay.

There was a small shop I once walked out of still wearing a dainty wave ring, and I hope they’ve made enough business since to make up for the loss I cost them. I’ll pay them back one day, and greet them with heart felt sorries.

I hope the waves are still waving, and I hope the sand still feels special – each grain unalike another and very much needed.


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