More often than not we can get caught up in talking most about the things that bother us.

The things that have such little significance in comparison to the things we hold dear to our hearts; like the things we love.

Music has always been something that has been near, dear, and close to this heart of mine, and I want to write about it now.

For as long as I remember I have been the type to match a song to the way that life is going, the way my emotions are flowing.

Music has helped me in the ups, and in the downs, and it’s even helped me connect with my greater inner desires.

Songs will always be there for me, and life would be way hard without the playlist that plays constantly as background noise to the adventures in my life.

As I have grown into this somewhat adult that I am, the songs that I have listened to have in ways shaped me into the human being that I am today.

It’s too cool that we can listen back to old songs and remember the hardships that we once faces, great times with loved ones, or the things we have grown out of and overcome.

Music helps time pass faster,

it motivates, and has the ability to make a heart founder,

and puts words in the place of emotions that cannot be expressed with ones own words at times.

This world will never run out of new fresh eye opening tunes, and I guess you can say that’s one thing I am most definitely thankful for.

Tonight I have been listening to Time is Dancing by Ben Howard on repeat. I’ll remember this time in my life through the tune and words of this song in the future.

What song speaks for your today?


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