Things I’m Still Learning at 20 – He is Love

It’s expected for one to compare their hearts to that of Jesus’.

When we get saved we begin to say things like, “I want to be more like Jesus,” or “Your lifestyle should be one that shows the unsaved around you who Jesus is.”

The goal has always been to be like Him. To love others like He would.

But I took a wrong turn:

Somewhere in the chaos, the idea of people trying to be more like Christ became an exaggerated idea to me.

I started to try to find God in the people closest to me. Comparing and comparing, and searching for that love in human hearts.


I convinced myself that love was dead. That it wasn’t real, and that there was no way that I would ever be satisfied.

I was right; as I was wrong at the same time.

If I continued to search for a love so unimaginably large in this world the well inside of my heart would have ran dry.

So I was right to know that I would have never been satisfied.

God is love.

The answer was right in front of me the whole time. So simple, so beautifully, and perfectly simple.

We receive love from people because we pursue them. We love others, and in return when we are luck they love us back.

That is not at all the case when it comes to Christ.

It took me so long to realize that no amount of work I do, or no amount of achievements I receive would either grow or lessen the love of Christ for me.

Simply because He is love.

I feel embarrassed to even speak of something so elementary, but this lesson has been huge in my life in the past few months, and has changed the way that I see, treat, and love people.

Best of all it has changed my view on God, and my understanding of the way that God loves me individually.

I never had to try to be better for Him to love me because it wouldn’t have swayed His love for me otherwise.

Rest easy reader. The pressure is off. Be you, strive to be more like Christ, but know that He loves you not because of the great things that you do, but because He is love.


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