Surrendering Daily

When you surrender there’s a peace that will come from deep within.

A peace that you might have not felt in weeks, months, maybe even years.

To surrender is to abandon the things that have held you back.

Surrendering daily is something I want to live by.

I want to surrender into the grace, happiness, and full life that the Lord has for me.

Surrendering all the worries about the future and the past.

Surrendering my will in this life of mine, and delivering it into His hands.

Day by day I follow through in surrendering my feelings, emotions, and hurts.

Day by day I grow in strength and joy.

My Father knows best, and I’ll trust Him with that.

I surrender the ideas I have for my own, and rest fully in what will be created by Him for me.

I am full tonight. Full of love. Full of whimsy love that the Lord has saturated my heart in.

All is good. Above all God is good.


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