Thoughts All About Love: Part 2

Love is a choice.

Maybe that’s not something you were taught, but it’s the truth.

At one point or another your significant other has to choose whether they’ll turn away, or whether they’ll continue to love you.

Despite of the bad. Despite of the low points.

I don’t know too much about love, but I do know that when you find someone who chooses in the end to love you; all the bad days would have been worth it.

Because they grew your love to where it is in that very moment.

Love is something that is worked for.

If you don’t feel it, you choose to honor and serve that person regardless, because feelings come and go, but in the end it’ll be worth it.

The feelings will always come again if you choose to seek them out.

Maybe you’re like me. We have a different understanding of love than others. Maybe we think it’s deeper at times.

I’ve learned to trust God with this.ย 

One day I’ll meet my husband in the future, and know that he understands love the way that I do, and the bad days won’t matter because we chose to grow and to believe that our love would work.

Because we would have decided it was worth it.


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