Thoughts All About Love

This is the thing about love and I:

I know the kind of love I am good at giving.

I am quick to love things like leaves, small knick knacks, and good reads. I am quick to love a good sense of humor, warmth, and a nice smile.

There’s a wall that has been built up after that though. Especially when it comes to humans. Serving is my way of showing love most of the time and serving is easy.

I’m good at the kind of love that would be considered surface level, and today I have begun to think about the things that resonate is the deeper end of my heart.

I fail as an intimate lover; going deep with someone intimidates me.

The truth is as much as I think I am incapable at loving someone correctly it has been spoken over your life and mine that we most certainly aren’t.

To deny and doubt the love that I might feel is hard to give or find would be complete rejection of what He is in us.

So maybe i’ll continue to fear a little longer; fear that I might not ever be able to do love right, but the answer we are seeking out is right in front of us just as it has always been.

Look to Christ when you are feeling inadequate in love, and remember that Christ is love, and that is what He is in us.

Find comfort in these words, just as I will try to today.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts All About Love

  1. I was thinking about something similar last night only in relation to trust. I was thinking about how afraid of other human beings we are, locking our doors, paranoid about people we walk past on the street at nights, so on and so on…

    And I was thinking, wouldn’t human beings be the creature on earth we should trust most? I mean, it’s us! Hahaha.

    And yet, as you’ve said, we can do the surface-love, and love and trust I think go hand in hand. There are many things we can totally love, totally trust. I can love a good cup of coffee, a friendly dog on the street, the way the leaves fall, etc. But it seems that truly loving and trusting other humans is the great challenge.


    • I feel as if though it has something to do with putting to much in the hands of other, and seeing them not value those pieces of you as much as you expected them too.

      Maybe that’s just me, but after being let down so much I feel like the trust I have with other human has weakened.

      Love is no different. Our hearts are also much more important than just small secrets. It only makes sense that we would over guard them at the end of the day when they’ve been hurt so much.

      That’s totally just me though! haha
      Your comment is so right on though! I wish I had the answers myself.

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