What the Lord Has Been Teaching Me

Time is time, and time is easily wasted, or easily used for good. It’s my choice on which path I choose.

There’s right now, and that is all.

So why wait?

That’s the first lesson I’ve been being taught.

God’s will for my life is a long ranged field, and there always was and alway will be room to move around in it; if that makes any sense. The only thing that is not for certain is the time that I, or you, get to spend in that field. In the lives we have here on this earth.

Do everything in pure intentions.

Cleaning out your heart of a closet is a must. In absolutely everything that I do I have been learning to stop and pray for a pure heart. The people you speak to everyday are affected by the words you give out. The works you do help people even when you’re not around. So do those things and everything else with a right heart. Know that when you are speaking to someone be sensitive, and never do things out of selfish gain or ambition. Never.

That’s the second lesson.

The third is this..

I was reading the other night, and stumbled across a cheesy quote, but it got me so good!

“You cannot hope and pray for an A, but study for a B.”

It went something like that…

That’s when the books hit me.

I cannot pray to be made a better woman in Christ and hope that He comes through for me and grows me, but I have to do what it takes to get there.

Same with being a student, friend, daughter, and anything else you can think of.

Which draws me back to the first lesson I spoke of. Put action into your life. Do it with good intentions, and be confident in knowing that if your intentions are pure then they will fall into God’s will for your life. Don’t be scared to move in the field of your life. Take risks and leap into situations that make your heart race.

If its only this moment that we have then actually realize that, and stop waiting for the right moment to take a step forward.

I’ve been learning to live this way, and these lesson have been so good for my heart. I’m doing what I need to and taking chances in things that terrify me.

To think that death for you or I could be tomorrow of the next is scary. Don’t wait for the future to make things right, to start a new project, or to follow a dream and become a different person. Do it now, with the right heart and it will fall into God’s will for your life, for mine.

Hey you, it’s been awhile since I last posted. I needed to take a small break and paper journal for a while. Life has been so good, and I hope yours has been too. Being genuinely happy is something I wake up thankful for, and I owe it to my Father that brings the joy every morning. I hope this post want overly wordy, but these are things that have been really working for my life and moving me forward. Maybe bits can help you too, and if not know that the answers are always right around the corner. They were for me. I’ll talk to you super soon! 🙂


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