Do you ever just feel like doing the chicken dance? Or rolling your shoulders and groovin’?

That has been my life lately. Picture me just happily moving nonstop.

I took a break this past week and so much has happened since!


Remember that one time that I said that I wanted to go places and collect key chains?

Well tickets have been purchased and it’s official. I’ll be spending a chunk of my winter break/the new year in Massachusetts, Boston, and New York.

I’m finally getting the hell outta Texas reader! I’ll finally be seeing thick snow, finally fly in an airplane, and finally get to explore the rest of the world, and all of this with best friends!

Is life real? YES, YES IT IS.

I’m so excited to freeze and die in another state!

Anywayssssss. That is the biggest of news that I just had to share with you on this thingy of my life.

I should get to bed now. I love your sexy faces! Until tomorrow, stay great! 🙂


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