Hey, Today!

I have no idea how to correctly sum up today, but this is my try at it all.

I want you to know that I am overwhelmed, I have been, I am; It’s just that God is sooooooo good. Beyond it!

Today has been perfect. I wouldn’t change a bit of it at all.

It started last night.

I’ve consistently been telling myself to start praying before bed, but once I hit it I always forget and just slip into sleep. Last night half awake I suddenly remembered & prayed the shortest, but heart filled prayer. “Let me sleep well, wake well, if there is anything that you would like to show me in dreams show me father, just please protect my heart tonight; amen.” So simple. Yet so effective.

I got four and a half hours of sleep last night and woke up feeling so rested and full. No bad dreams, no heart ache, no wrong; just full completeness. It had been months since I had woken up feeling that great. My day went on wonderfully too. I have never felt more focused on my purpose, priorities, and the presence of God in/over my life.

I went through the entire morning without distraction. Oh God! You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this kind of break through.

Throughout the day and all the way up until the end I felt appointments being set up before me, and I was receptive. I engaged where I felt like God was calling me, and I let myself become an instrument again.

I am overwhelmed. I am grateful. I am filled with the reminder of what God has always been for me. He’s my joy, complete joy, and I’ve gotten a hold of that again.

I know that some things suck right now, and these are just the first steps in what will come, but I have never felt more okay than I do now.

I have been reminded of the love that captured my heart once. On top of the world I refuse to let go of this love ever again.

I am so excited for tomorrow! I’m excited for life!! I’m ready.


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