The Places We’ll Go

This will just be another post about life and struggles, but hey I am only twenty what can you expect?

Trying to figure out where my next place in life will land is hard.

I have been speaking to my mother about the places that make sense in moving to, and although it is comforting to know that she stands behind me, It’s heart bending to know that I am really considering leaving so much behind.

I question what God thinks right now. I know he’s okay, he still loves me more than ever. I am learning to understand my heart the way that he would; give myself grace the way He would.

I would think that in this moment he would tell me to go where my heart feels at peace. He would tell me that it’s not where I choose live, or what I choose to leave that will determine where I end up. Well it will, but nonetheless as long as I am obedient in the places I go; I feel as if though He is reassuring me that the life that He wants for me will play itself out.

I am learning those loops. There are longer roads and shorter roads to the callings that God has placed in our lives.

If I choose the longer one, or who knows, I am sure that He will love me no less.

I would rather struggle in a new place than the place that I am in now. I don’t know where I’ll end up next year, maybe I’ll stay where I am at, maybe find a new home, maybe return to my old one, but I’ll do it for me, and it’ll all be okay.


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