I can write my feelings on here right? That’s a thing isn’t it? I mean this page is mine and all..

I just really want to experience new things, and soon. Not like in another life time.

I want to go camping.. The legit kind too. & eat mountain food. Also I have learned to go three days without washing my hair and it still can look good. I think I’m ready.

I want to learn to swim, correctly.

I want to get the hell outta Texas.

I want to live in a car for like three or four days, in a forrest; I don’t know.

I also want to gather key chains from different places and carry them constantly.

The weather is kind of perfect. I just don’t know that I would want to do these things alone, but if I have to I will.


I’m so afraid that I have been living a life that I don’t want to for so long. I need to get on with the adventures. Feed my inner whatever.


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