The Future

In the future I might write a novel about how great I am at progressing in life.

I might teach a class to women who want to know all of my secrets to success.

In the future, I’ll mother hundreds of children, not at all my own, but all mine, and do it all on my own (but with Christ of course.)

I’ll move to a far away land where people don’t know my name, and have never seen a face like mine.

In the future I’ll have the confidence to look old foes in the face and tell them that I love them.

In the future I’ll beat the alcoholism that so deeply runs in my family, and find a different cure to sadness.

I’ll build and design a home all on my own, live alone in it, happily, and thank God by the minute.

In the future I’ll wear dresses everyday, some too short and some too long, and be pleased with the cards that God give me in life.

In the future I’ll breathe in positivity, and breathe out even more of it.

I’ll plant 50 tress, name each, and call them all mine.

In the future I’ll give problems seconds, and great moments a lifetime.

In the future I’ll be completely okay.

Why all these things you ask?

Because His will for my life is what will be. Maybe all these things won’t be in my future, maybe only half of them will ever happen. But I know the last will always be true.

The only thing that is keeping me okay is knowing that it’s impossible that I’ve lived through the happiest moment of my life already. There is much more ahead, so many possibilities.

I have given up on expectations, and will now live by the moment. Whatever happens, will happen. What God wants for my life will ultimately play itself out, and I’m okay with that. He will always know what is best for my life better than I.


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