New Found Feelings

The truth is as much as I want to be Jess Day, I’m not. I am better.

I’m handling myself so well, and this past week has been filled with wonderful crap.

I have replaced the ring that used to sit on my left finger with a new found love.

This love is one that used to hold my heart so many years ago, but just like old feelings of nostalgia that creep up on you and find a home in your heart again, this love has found me today, once again.

It was the love of my home, my real, true, and all mine, home.

I get sad here and there, but it’s all worth the while. It’s these feelings that make me happy now. Because I know what we had was real to me, too real. I am too thankful tonight.

It’s the endless possibilities and all of the open doors that excite me.

I am content with the world, and myself. I know these feelings will go, which saddens me, but it’ll only be for better ones to



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