The Atlantic Ocean


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While standing in the deep of the atlantic this weekend I began to admire the works of God.

I gave notice to the way that every ripple is in connection and sync to the last and the next.

Beyond that I began to think about the technicalities that the ocean holds.

Here is this perfectly flowing body of water that our whole beings rely on; it provides us with air, food, water, and even safety.

There is more though. While standing in the deep of the Atlantic this past weekend I feel as if though I almost found a much clearer understanding of the body of Christ.

The ocean in whole is God. So powerful, mysterious, yet embracing, calming, and filled with peace. We as people are the waves, always connected to Christ. We flow freely, but nonetheless are transient.

The waves could also portray our prayer, rising up to Christ. Our faith, being steady or shaky, but in the end always returning to the body.

The depth of the ocean in comparison to His love is just as valid as what we know. It is never ending, steadfast, and endures forever.


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