Money Milestones

I don’t even know who I am anymore. – Well that’s one way to start a post.

Twenty year old Jenna has reached a money milestone. Maybe even a life milestone. I have never been more proud of me!

At the beginning of this summer I made a deal with my mother. The deal that we made was that I would spend my summer working and saving up money for a vehicle, and she agreed that she would help me out if I actually committed. She ended the conversation with this, “I highly doubt you will, and I’ll believe it when I see it.”

I committed! Which in itself is a huge milestone, because I absolutely suck at commitment.

Tonight after a normal shift at work I came home to add up and count all of my savings and found that I have saved a little over a thousand dollars already. All by myself!

This may seem so childish and small to some, but before this summer I couldn’t even save a dollar for the life of me.

I hope this means I’m officially adult material.

You could say that this is a little life update, and I have never been more pleased and happy, and of course thankful!! 🙂


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