Server Life

If you had asked me a couple months ago if I would ever accept a job at a restaurant I would have said no. Something about working in food always intimidated me or turned me off. Like the idea of leaving a restaurant at the end of a shift and smelling of heavy grease, or having to work around food so much that just breathing the air would make me gain weight.

I love food though, but beyond that I love people!

Serving has taught me that about myself. I knew that I loved people before, and serving them was a delight as well, but serving made that love so much more greater.

Although of course you get to see a lot of the bad in people, it teaches you something. There are lessons to be learned in every family that I get to speak to, and it’s something that I am very fortunate to be able to experience. You grow to understand that some people need to be shown their value so they can appreciate the value of others.

You also meet wonderful families. For example, today I was serving a couple that had just gotten engaged recently. They could not stop talking about it, and it was so evident that the love between them was so real. When they brought me into a conversation about their engagement I told them immediately how seeing them be happy made me so happy as well. The lady looked at me with astonished eyes and said, “wow, usually we get really iffy responses, more jealous than happy.” I could see why some people would be jealous of what they had though, they’re happiness was complete golden. I walked away with more than just a tip when it came to them, I walked away with a bit more of an understanding of what love is to different people.

Serving has taught me to appreciate what you receive, and to be extremely thankful even for the small blessings. It has also taught me to be a better saver of money! Which God knows I needed to become!

Best of all, serving as taught me to be humble, patient, and kind.

This is just a little about how my summer has been coming along, and my summer job. I don’t know how long I will continue this small part time job, but I’m glad I took it in a time of need. It has helped me earn far more than just an income.


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