Dreams Detailed: The Unfortunate


Tonight a friend and I played hide and seek with a couple of murderers. We ran through a city that we called home, and found not a single place that was familiar. Hiding behind shadows that were casted by water towers, buildings, and cars; we made it to her home. Her parents were still awake, and the minute we ran in they knew what we were running from. The father, who looked much older than the mother jumped up right away and grabbed a brief case. Popped open quickly we found three guns. Without further time to think a full on gun battle had broken out between the two men of the streets, and this family that I found home in. I grabbed a gun not really knowing how it worked, as I had never shot one before, and followed only what my eyes could teach me from the others and what they were doing with theirs. I caught on quickly, it must have been the adrenaline, and joined in protecting my own. The bullets flying my way seemed too real and so close, but it made my focus became better. Together we found safety, and before we knew it there was little danger left to be exhausted.

I got little sleep that night, as my friend and I held each other and shook at even the small noises of the wind, but before I knew it I fell into comfort. The next morning I woke to find too many faces of people that I loved downstairs. All had heard of what had happened, and to my relief they were all trying their hardest to not mention it. The night before was something that I never wanted to speak about in detail ever again and give that chance to relive itself in my head.

A friend walked up with an envelope, and said, “We received our exit scores and results today at school. I knew I would be coming over so I picked yours up for you. Good Luck.”

I looked down at the envelope and knew that in it was the fate for how I would be spending the rest of the year. It was only may, graduation season.

The cartel and drug trafficking business was high at this time. Being chased by murderers wasn’t something that was seen as rare at all. In fact, more than half of the population had found itself becoming puppets to the cartels and drug lords; including all of the school districts. Our placement and grade scores meant more than just passing onto the next grade, but if your score was below an 85% it meant that for one whole summer and school semester you would become property of the cartel. There was no escaping it, and there were penalties for everything and anything.

I started to slice open the side of the white envelope, and drew out the small paper that was held within.

My world came to a halt.

I had managed the night before to escape those two murderers, but now my being and body belonged to their bosses.


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