Safe Trek – Because I Care About You!

About a month ago I downloaded this great app, super duper great! I know it has been out for quite the while, but since then I had spent awhile asking friends if they knew about it, and I found that just about no one knew it existed. The world we live in is wonderful, but trouble is still around.

This app is called safe trek, and if you have a mobile phone you should to get it! It is completely invaluable to anyone that might be walking somewhere that is not safe.

When you first get the app it makes you set up a profile that includes your name, phone number, and a pin of your choice.

If you are ever in a situation where you feel like you are not safe you hold down the blue button in the center of the app, which will appear as soon as the app is opened, and you release it when you are back in safety. After you release the blue button you will then have ten seconds to put in your pin, and if you don’t then the police will be notified of your location.

How amazing is that?!

I truly believe that this app could really help someone, so pass this information along, and get everyone/anyone in on it!

I know this is quite the different post, but I truly care about you all, and I just thought this was completely amazing that I had to share!

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