90 Day Old Testament Reading Plan

Hello There!

It has been a couple days since I have spoken to you, and I hope you are still doing oh so well. Since then I have been taking a break of from work and working on this new plan that I will be starting very soon. I searched and searched the huge interweb and was unable to find a 90 day Old Testament reading plan so I have constructed my own. Which I will now be post for all of you right down below!

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.13.58 PM

I am so super excited about this! I know that packing in the entire Old Testament into 90 days sounds like a lot, but in the plan that I have created above you will rarely be reading more than 10/11 chapters a day, which isn’t so bad! If you would like to join me on this read for 90 days that would be wonderful. You can download the photo above and follow with me, or save it for later in the future! Again I hope you are so well! Until next time, stay lovely! 🙂


3 thoughts on “90 Day Old Testament Reading Plan

  1. I went through one of these last year and loved it! The Old Testament is often underestimated for its greatness. 🙂 Hope it’s great!

    Chels // {heartnatured.com}

  2. Thanks, Jenna —
    I’ve also searched for a 90-day plan, and was thankful for your time and interest to share an outline for my benefit. My reading starts today – June 1st, as I’ve scheduled my whole summer (90-days) around what I refer to as “Touching the Face of God”; my Friend Heather calls it, “Dancing with the Trinity”… either way, riches lay ahead 🙂 Blessings!

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