Old Testament Journey?

Hello fellow friends!

As you all know I completed the 60 Day New Testament Journey about a week and a half ago. Since then I have been contemplating starting a new devotional or book. I do know that I loved the New Testament Journey so much and it taught me a lot so I have been want to commit to something new of those sorts.

My current thoughts for this and what I might want to be doing soon in the near future is an Old Testament Journey.

I have never completely read through the Old Testament, and I have always wanted to!

I do have the option of a 60 Day journey with the Old Testament just like I did with the New Testament, but I am not too sure. As you know that the Old Testament is a whole lot bulkier than the New Testament so I am thinking about adjusting that to a 90 day journey? Just so we can dig more into the details and have more space for thoughts and such.

Was the 60 Day New Testament Journey something that you enjoyed? What are your thoughts of an Old Testament Journey/Devotional? Let me know how you feel, and I will update you soon enough when I figure out what I will be committing to.

I hope you are doing so so well! Until next time, stay great friends! πŸ™‚


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