Dream Wedding

For many years I gave my future wedding no thought at all. Of course I dreamed of it every now and then as most do, but I never planned it like other girls my age had been doing. It actually wasn’t until my second semester of last year when I finally made a wedding board on my Pinterest account. Truthfully I only made it because all of the other girls I was hanging out with were “working” on theirs.

Maybe I did want to fit in for just a second there.

When people asked me where my dream wedding would be I would give them what younger me thought up to be the most amazing idea ever! I would say, “I want to get married in an underground aquarium!” I still of course think that sounds amazing, but I think my desires have shifted.

Is this is weird post? I sure hope it isn’t.

Now that I am twenty I have had a whole lot more time to think about what I truly want. By that I mean thinking about it if I happen to stumble across a wedding photo on tumblr which then knocks me into daydreaming about my future. I have never liked the idea of a huge extravagant and expensive wedding, and I don’t plan on having the biggest crowd either. I have come to a decision on where I want to get married. Now commitment scares me and I am so indecisive, but I wouldn’t share this with you if I thought I would change my mind, that’s not saying it couldn’t happen.

I want to get married in a forrest. Completely connected to the earth the way that God made it and intended it to be. I want minimal decorations, maybe just a sign, and the rows of chairs. I want to feel one with God’s creations and his breathtaking architect.

I want the beauty of my wedding not to be found in the large expensive jewels, decor, banners, etc.

But I want the beauty to be found in my husband and I as beings in Christ.

I want the beauty to be found in our loved ones that join us.

Most of all I want the beauty to be found in the home that God has made for us.

I want the beginning of my marriage to start in such a raw area of the earth so that through that setting we can learn lessons that we can hold in our marriage forever.

It is easy to find God in nature, and by this I want my marriages’ roots to go down deep in Christ like a trees would into the earth, and I want our bonding to be made in the midst of what will keep us together.

Thank you for listening to my ridiculous girly thoughts this early in the morning. I should try to go back to bed now, but I am sure when I wake up I just might regret this post a little because it’s quite the personal, oh I hope not! God bless! 🙂


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