Mark’s Birthday!

Today was a handful of fun, sleep-deprivedness, and cuddles.

Mark is officially nineteen!!! (cheers, cheers, cheers!) So i thoughts I would post about Him before the day is over, and share the today with you + brag a little about how much I love him.

Our night started lively! We both have been sporting some pretty rough and wacky sleeping schedules, so we woke up yesterday (17th) at seven in the afternoon and thats when our day began. Staying up all through the night we made it till morning, and by this time I was so super ansy to see him because I had not been allowed to make a big deal about his birthday through the phone, and you bet I was gonna do it in person! We met up just on time at the theatre to catch an early showing of The Purge: Anarchy. Which by the way I will not spoil at all, but I will say that it sort of in ways gave me anxiety…. haha! After the movie was over I had managed to drop red cherry icee on my pretty blue top so it was back home to change, and give Mark his gifts!

This year I thought I would follow the theme of “Here’s a bag of some of your favorite things,” which doesn’t rhyme at all but yeah! 🙂 I got him a life straw (so nervous about this decision!! I can already imagine him going up to the nearest dirty puddle of water), a t-shirt which was all wrong and shan’t explain that story out of serious humiliation, a watch he had been wanting, camping utensil sets, two books including Spirit Rising by Jim Cymbala, and The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, and dessert flavored candy because I thought it was cute.

After gift giving time was over we called into our favorite sushi place to order some take out and headed by towards his home. Sushi all eaten and one episode of breaking bad underneath us was when things started looking tough, and I mean this literally, we were both so sleepy we could hardly keep our eyes open! I quickly fell asleep without realizing it and before I knew it his whole family was home and we were back in the gathering mode. Mark’s mom made his favorite dish, and we had cake and watched more breaking bad. That was our day, and although it was so simple, it was absolutely lovely!!

I love Mark for so many reasons, but there is one trait that I could not stop admiring in him today and that was how humble he really truly is. If I told him this right now I can only imagine how he’d react. He’d smirk at me and say something witty to make light of the situation and change the topic. Although he jokes so much, he has the most humble giving heart I have ever had a pleasure of knowing. Today was his day, and he still managed to try to make it a day that revolved around everyone else. I am beyond thankful to the heavens for deciding to give life to this great man, and definitely thankful to God for choosing him to be my best friend.

Another year spent by Mark’s side on his day of birth, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. 🙂


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