Goodbye Instagram

About a week ago I made a decision to completely get rid of Instagram. There are many reasons why I have decided to do this, both humiliating and reasonable, I think, so here I go..

Social networks are awesome! I of all people have always been obsessed and in love with them since being a young preteen. I love meeting people, learning new things beyond what I can see in Texas, and seeing what before would have been impossible without social media and the internet.

But it has ruined a lot too. I have heard it before so I am sure you have too. “Because of social media now people do not interact, talk, and meet each other the way they used to.” In this generation going up to someone and saying hi or introducing yourself would be considered awkward or weird. Gatherings with friends and family has turned into cell phone gatherings. We have become so obsessed with the connections we’ve made online that we’re losing the connections we have with the real physical life in front of us.

This was the first reason why I decided to get rid of my Instagram. My relationship with this one social network in particular was extremely unhealthy – I would look through it in the morning as soon as I woke up, check it a ton of times during the day, and look through it before bed. That’s unhealthy!!!

In addition to that it affected my relationship with people, and beyond that with God. I found that I was coveting more than usual, and for the most unusual things. I was jealous of what others had and showed in photos, whether it was actual possessions or the happiness that was portrayed. I know that seems horrible, and it was!! I slowly grew a coat of anger because of the jealousy and my heart became rude and just mean. My friendships were different, and if I could have had friendships with certain people I let Instagram ruin that for me. I had even let all of this negativity seep into my relationship with Mark. I had ridiculous expectations, and began to treat him terribly because of what I would see other couples doing. I was comparing our relationship with other couples relationships, and I never should have let it get that much out of hand!

Because of all these negative dark feelings that I had stirred up within my heart, my relationship with God was affected. I definitely was not giving Him all of the time that I should have. I also hardened up to Him and let myself loose in our relationship.

It has been about a week or a bit more since I have gotten rid of my Instagram, and I shan’t lie it has been so hard! I was truly addicted and I had no idea. I have noticed the increase in positivity in my life, and I’m loving people better than ever. This summer I had decided to change my heart and i knew that Instagram was one of the changes I for sure had to make a change to in order to completely transform myself.

This is one of the hardest things I have ever done and it’s definitely humiliating, but saying it I hope will either encourage others to move past negative things that they love and chose a healthier direction. Not all social networks are bad, they do great things and are so useful, but its the relationship that you have with them that will ultimately show itself. I do still have a twitter that I rarely update, a Facebook for work purposes, and a tumblr for fun. They have not negatively impacted me so for now I will be keeping those.

Thank you for listening to what I have to say, and I sure hope this does not make you see me differently! I hope you are doing so so well!! Until next time, friends. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Instagram

  1. I can really relate to this. I constantly find myself becoming bitter when I go on Instagram for no apparent reason. And not that it’s something wrong with Instagram, but more something in me. Except I can’t seem to keep it deleted very long! So good luck to you! 🙂 And thanks for sharing.

    • It really is something that is in me as well! & it has been so hard staying away from downloading the app again. I’ve had so many mental arguments with myself in this past week thinking “Jenna, you’re totally ready to have Instagram again, you won’t let it get to you anymore.” haha tough cookies!! Thank you for responding and sharing your feelings with me, its great to know that i’m not the only one with this struggle, and it makes me feel a little more human! 🙂

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