Detailed Dreams: Me + The Hunger Games?

Last night I wasn’t able to sleep and I didn’t end up falling asleep till about seven thirty in the morning, this is what happened in my dreams afterwards..

I’m speeding towards a truck, and my body feels like it can barely keep up with my feet. The truck is an old rusted cool looking kind, like the one Bella has in twilight. I’m running to it and there’s people chasing me, but I have absolutely no idea what is going on. There are two people by my side screaming, a boy and a girl, they’re about my age but I don’t actually recognize them.

(Fun Fact!: did you know that we can only dream of faces that we’ve seen in real life, it’s true, our minds are not able to actually just come up with  faces on their own.)

They’re both telling me that we need to go to a house, which is right next door, but for some reason we have to drive right up to it because running is too risky! So we go.. Before I know it my dream goes from terrifying to terrifying + nascar. I start driving up hills and were flying in this old truck over to the house next door.

We get to the house, and all of a sudden I am alone.

I reach for the door, and it’s just as scary as what you’re imagining. With some confidence I open it to find a room full of people who have just been heavily drugged. In my dream I know all of these people; they’re friends and family, and I know whoever did this to them is looking for me. I shake some of my loved ones hoping that the sleepiness will wear off but it does not.

I run back outside screaming for help but there’s no one around, I know I have to go find help. I jump right back into the truck and before I can even start the engine I’m surrounded by people covered in black baggy clothes. I’m trapped and they have me.

Then I wake up! Yeah.. Quite the intense!!

This by far was not the worst dream that I’ve had in this past week, but I thought it would be a fun one to kick off this new series that I want to start on my blog.

When I was younger I had a sleeping disorder that most of you might know about, which is parasomnia. What parasomnia causes is sleepwalking, night terrors, nightmares, and rhythmic movement disorders. Most of the terrors I had as a child were reoccurring and happened if not every night, every other night. It was a tough time in my childhood, but like most habits as a child you grow out of them. When I started reaching my preteen years the parasomnia turned into sleep terror and a mild nightmare disorder. For me that meant that for all these years since the pasasomnia I have been having nightmares almost every night. So much that they’ve kinda become a part of me. The nightmares that I have are extremely detailed and feel almost exactly like a movie. Some dreams are still able to get to me if they are personal, so sharing them with other humans is always one way to get myself back to reality and be reminded of the fact that it was only a dream!!

I thought what better way to get them off my shoulders, but to tell them to you! + I also have been really wanting to start up a dream journal type of thing.

I hope you can find some entertainment in the weird things that my mind comes up with while I am sleeping, and I hope you are doing so well!! Until next time! 🙂


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