Life Update!

Hello!! It’s most definitely that time again! 🙂

So I have a few things I would like to share with you all. My summer has been going so well and I really hope that yours is too!!

I suppose you have noticed that I have not been able to post my New Testament Journey posts lately, but I have reasonings! I was recently hired as a server at Olive Garden and the shifts have been coming like crazyyy!! It’s a serious blessing though, and I absolutely love being a waitress. Which might be an uncommon opinion haha! I have been learning so much and meeting so many new faces.

There is another thing that I would like to talk to you about.. I am a little uncertain on how this little secret that I am going to let you in on will affect the way that you see me as a Christian and believer, but here we go..

It has been about three weeks since I have attended a church in the flesh.

Ah! Please do not judge me!! There was a church that I used to go to but I some what parted with it, and I am not too sure where I stand with the place right now. The reasons are completely personal, but I do plan on attending this Sunday and giving it a go again. These past few weeks I have been attending The Oaks Online as much as I can though, which was the church that was paired with the University I went to this past spring. Do pray for me if you can!! I am trying to find peace in wherever I settle, and I am hoping it can be my old home church again.

Enough of that serious stuff!! That was a lot to get off my chest!

It is exactly nineteen days till Mark comes home!!!!!! I am going nuts with this countdown, and I absolutely cannot wait! I just had to let that out here, and it is an extremely big deal to me so I hope I do not seem like a dumb gal. Long distance has had its ups and downs, but we are in the better of it right now, and I am loving it, and him! I cannot wait for the adventures and dates!!

Although I know it is pretty late in the day I am totally dedicating this evening to catching up on the New Testament Journey so I will be going through about five short books in the bible! This is a warning!! I might come off a little crazy with all of the post that I will be posting as tonight progresses, but please bear with me.

I hope you are doing so well, and I know summer might have just started for some of you so I hope you have the best one yet! Talk to you grand people super soon! 🙂


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