Life Update!

Hello lovely folks, it is that time again!!! Lifeeeeeee Updateeeeeee!!!!!

I’ll start with the most exciting thing that has happened recently, and it is that I got a job!!!!! hallelujah! It is part time at a clothing store so I will be needing to look for another part time job, but I am getting somewhere with that part of my life. The manager was soooo beyond cool, and he was totally willing to work around my schedule even though I made it super clear that I was willing to work whenever he wanted me to. I’m extremely excited, and he was also cool enough to let me chose what position I would like to work in at the store. Ahh, it all just fell into place!

I have also lately been reunited with so many friends that I missed too much! It’s been a blast getting to do normal human things but with the humans I love the most!

My home church is glowing as well. I feel like this has to be included in here. The presence of the Lord is so thick in that building! Every Tuesday night the youth group meet for their normal service, and I was blessed to have been able to attend two of them since being home, and I have to tell you friends about my experience. Before I left for University the group was doing great as they usually have, but here I am a year later and the growth of that group shows beyond words! Those teens and preteens are so blessed to have Pastor Matt and Sara who I worked under and grew under. Their leadership is what has helped me get to where I am now. It is all so great there and I had to share!

I also have a story to tell you which will also explain why I have not been posting. Last summer I was working at this doctors office and I decided to purchase a new laptop with the small amount of money I had. I ended up settling with a dell that I spent about five hundred on so it wasn’t like extremely poor quality, but it still was not the best either. I loved that computer mostly because it was all my own! through the year it crashed on me twice and I lost everything so that sucked and I knew that my goal for this summer was to save up for a new laptop and a car because I seriously need those two for school. Last Tuesday night I had come home and recently I had been lending my laptop to my sister (who is extremely clumsy) well she put it on our kitchen counter and before either of us could do anything it fell to its death!! I wasn’t angry at all because mistakes happen and it was absolutely hilarious to see Ash so shocked that I wasn’t screaming or beating on her. It was the best!! I will tell you something though, it was Christ in me that kept me calm because now that I think back on it normal old me probably would have beat her up immediately. We tried to fix the laptop and it is a complete loss. I was so worried simply because I know that I need a laptop for blogging and for talk to Mark, and my mother blessed me with a Macbook Air!!!!!!!! She has literally made my dreams come true! I am so in love with this machine (I am using it right now to speak to you!!) It is amazing!

It has been a little over three weeks since Mark has left and it feels like months! I talk to him everyday and get to see his face about three times a week, but I can’t wait till he can visit. I miss cooking, cuddling, kissing, and having adventures with my best friend, and Sundays are so lonely without him sitting by my side. I have been doing great though, and so has he, no tears! πŸ™‚

This post feels like I have gone on for dayssss, but I just did not want to leave anything out. I am going to end this with some photos that I have taken since being home. I hope that you are so well, and I will be doing a catch up post on the New Testament Journey days that i have missed probably sometime tomorrow after church. Until next time!! πŸ™‚

IMG_9475Hanging out with my great friend Dana!

photo 1

Quinn hanging out with the long lost Dell

photo 2

Lunch with the family!

photo 4

Curious wild baby bunny that wanted to hang out in the back yard!

photo 3

Celebrating with lemon cake & chai tea after getting the job!



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