My Best friend just left for the summer. I want to share this last photo we took together before he was on his way with you all. I’m happy now, I’ll let you know that to begin with so you don’t interpret this as a miserable sappy post. I’ll also let you in on something that I have just learned in the past two hours (since learning something new a day is always something that should be passed on). I’ve learned how much I mean to Mark. For a couple months I struggled with receiving his love simply because stupid insecurities, which is something I hope you all can maybe identify with me about so I don’t feel so lame, but now I know and see how much I really mean to Mark, and I finally get it. I’ll let you in on some pretty golden moments about life that I am currently experiencing, and that’s the feeling of being so precious to someone. Please don’t misinterpret this and think that Mark never made me feel precious before today, because he did always try, I just sucked and was going through a hard time these past couple of months. So if there is one thing that I’d like any of you ladies and gent to take away from this is to try to find that in life and in someone, find someone that will make you feel so precious and so valuable. This is one of the most rare and greatest feeling I have ever had, and I truely want this for everyone! Anyways, I’m excited to grow in our relationship in ways that we have never been grown and I’m ready to learn more about him simply though communication. Cheers to the next 115 days of summer & new challenges! 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Goodbyes suck, but I don’t have a single doubt in us.

The distance means nothing because you mean so much to me, Mark.

+ I’m starting the 60 day New Testament journey tomorrow & I hope you can join me for that!

That is all for today ya lovely folks, until tomorrow, stay lovely! 🙂


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