Life Update – Future Plans

I am home!! Can I just start off with the fact that I love being able to bother my mom and sister whenever I want, and now I am able to love on them in person, it is too great! I also have kind of slacked when it comes to visiting friends, to be exact I haven’t visited any, but only because lately I’ve been in this isolationy mood because I’ve missed being home so much!

Is being homesick while I am home even a possible thing? I don’t know, but that’s my current life.

I have spent time with Mark’s family though, and I’ve seen him everyday since we have gotten down here. (still having trouble accepting that he’s leaving back to Waxahachie tomorrow without me……) But it has been a great time!

There is one problem about being home though, let me explain! – So my sister is a vegetarian and my mother and step dad cook for themselves so basically all of the easy cook-able foods are meant to be eaten by a vegetarian and there is absolutely nothing for me to eat here at home right now! It really sucks and I know I’m probably being way too dramatic and picky but macaroni for every meal of the day does not sound appetizing anymore, especially since I just got back from basically being on a mac and cheese dorm room diet! I just want.. real food.

So anyways that is just a bit about my current life. I do want to let you all know that I will be starting the 60 day New Testament journey where I am challenging myself to read through the whole NT in, you guessed it, sixty days! I’ll be sharing all thoughts with y’all and so and so, so yeah, let’s do it! I will also be starting Love Does by Bob Goff sometime in the future but I’ll let you in on when that’ll happen. I’ve heard many good things about that book so I’m too excited to get that started too!

Well ya lovely folks that’s all for today, hope all is well! Until next time! 🙂



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