Humbled Under His Hand

What does it mean to be humbled under The Lord?

For a long time completely understanding the definition of the word humble was something that stumped me. Not because I didn’t want to humble myself but simply because i didn’t fully understand the concept and what it meant.

In a definition sense the word humbled means to lower yourself or someone in dignity or importance.

Doing that exactly under The Lord in itself all in all is to be respected, but I feel like in my life I needed to go further to understand, and this is what I have learned..

To be humbled is to be content with what The Lord has given you. To not want to be better or greater than any other individual or God Himself. To have confidence in The Lord and in what he has given you, but to not put yourself on a throne because of the gifts that God has placed in your life to do His works. Have a good heart in the works that you do, which means that credit can be given where it’s deserved, but you shouldn’t want to do good works only to receive the credit that could come with it. We all know that pride and arrogance is a definite no no. Submit to all authority (good and bad, toughy I know!). Understand the importance of quick forgiveness, and forgive quickly. Lastly, to be able to find success in fully being humble you must always try to reflect the wonderfulness of Jesus Christ.



Hello lovely readers! I just want to apologize for my lack of posting these past two days. I promise my goal is to be a faithful blogger! Packing all of my dorm stuff has just been hectic and time consuming.

Hope all is well! God bless & talk to y’all soon! 🙂


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