The Pros & Cons of Being a Christian College Student


Nobody likes a negative Christian so lets start off with the pros!


  1. Prayer + prayer requests before the start of every class. It is a great daily reminder that you should be thankful for the education that you’re getting and thankful that you are openly able to express your faith; not many believers have that oportunity!
  2. You will be living and doing daily life with friends and people that understand your faith, goals, and aspirations – you will always have someone that has your back!
  3. It is a whole lot easier to maintain and grow in faith + your relationship with God because you will always have resources at your finger tips and there is little temptation like the kind that you could run into at a secular college. Having biblical courses as electives and core classes is also a great plus!
  4. Classes will usually be smaller and therefore more personal. You will find that a relationship with your professor is almost guaranteed (which also adds to the resources). The atmosphere of the classroom also almost always turns into a family like scenario.
  5. My favorite pro (which I’m not too sure if this is how every Christian college works, but it is how mine does). CHAPEL SERVICES! Worshiping the lord between classes as a requirement; Count me in!


  1. Unfortunately, most Christian colleges are private so they will be more pricey. So the price of tuition is the first bad boy to fall on this list of negatives.
  2. Rules – Curfew, content of possessions, dress code, verbal code (basically no curse words allowed), etc. etc, are just a few examples of some of the regulations that you will have to follow because if not there’s always a price to pay!
  3. If you are looking into a ministry degree or studying something in that range a Christian college could be the best choice for you, but if not then the limit on degree choices could be an issue.
  4. I’m gonna make this last con a personal one. Sometimes your academic life will get associated with your spiritual life. I once had a professor tell me that I had been missing too many classes so I had to have a spiritual intervention and get right with Lord. I know it looks bad on me, but I was a rough couple of months of coming in and out of a cold/flu. Of course he didn’t know that. Definite con 😦


I am currently a student at The Oaks School of Leadership which is a program within Southwestern Assemblies of God University. Before I transferred over I was studying at a community college so I’ve been down both the secular college and Christian college road and I can sincerely say that in my life the pros have definitely out weighed the cons. So if you think a Christian college is for you, then it probably is!! <– check out how convincing I am 🙂

Those are all my thoughts for today, God bless & talk to ya soon!


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